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Dimensions and Performance

side-by-side Cockpit

Drive Shaft - Propeller - Mid-Fuselage-Engine

Landing Gear

Wing folding mechanism

Navigation with LX-8000 / 9000

Oxygen System MH EDS Modell O2D2

SPOT Satellite Messenger

All-weather Covers - Hail Protection

Aeroprotect lite - Cockpit Cover for a journey

Cobra Trailer

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With our touring motor glider STEMME S 10-VT you experience a new dimension in soaring!

This most modern high speed touring motor glider with a span of 23 meters and a glide ratio of 1:50 does not leave desires open.

You sit next to each other and have together with an experienced airline and glider pilot everything in sight.

You fly not only passively, but will learn to know many aeronautical possibilities.