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STEMME - powergliders is an association with the aim of

Please see Report of Fly-In 2013 in LSZG Grenchen.

10 Days Dreaming

Gliding Home

Our basis is the Airfield Grenchen LSZG - the takeoff and landing strip for experience-rich flights from Flight-Offers

Are you interested in the Fly-In - please fill in the form at the bottom of the page. Many thanks.


Is a association of owners and persons with proven interest in STEMME airplanes. The Stemme Owners Group operates apart from this side a Mailsserver for the exchange of current information (

The members fly with STEMME to the most beautiful regions of the world. The movie from Brazil is a beautiful example:

De Volta Ao Sertão / Back to the sertão by Raquel Couto

Members the SOG from 19 countries can access the pages of SOG with their username and password. If you have entitled interest in an active participation and to exchange ideas, then you can register for Stemme-powergliders with the form below the picture.

Thanks for your understanding

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