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Fly-In 2013 - LSZG Grenchen

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Despite the difficult weather report, 40 pilots and friends of Stemme Owners Group (SOG) met over Whitsun in Grenchen LSZG, Switzerland.

They flew with 16 Stemme from their home base in the countries of Netherlands, France, Germany and Switzerland to the airfield on the edge of the Jura mountains. The members of the Stemme-Powergliders in Grenchen took the initiative for the meeting.

Preperation and landing.

As special guests Mr Dr. Reiner Stemme and his daughter Karen participated actively in the meeting. The pre-production model with the factory number 7, which features a four-part wing and the possibility for mounting pods flies still in Ecuvillens LSGE.

A flight awakens memories about his "old home" in Thun on his studies at the University of Bern. On the flight over the Bernese Oberland, the Stemme S10-VT ( was able to prove their strength. The Rotax helped to overcome the missing thermals in the morning and quickly to reach the region of Thun. The good gliding rate (1:50) has been proven in a small Lee wave in the Simmen Valley and on the return flight to Grenchen.


How well the Stemme flies, has proven once again this weekend Klaus Ohlmann (see OLC from Saturday 18.5.2013 He started in Serres ( and flew for 15 hours in the gliding configuration 1'530 km across the alps to Vienna and back to Schänis LSZX in the Switzerland . The next day, it was only a small flight to Grenchen. Speaking on his flight into the turmoil of Saturday, he said: "It was like 15 hours in the washing machine".


Weather of Whitsun admitted gliding, but required a prudent preparation and experience. The motto of the meeting was: "Safety First"!

That 16 Stemme and a model of a Stemme visited Grenchen, was also the merit of the airport managment with the courteous crew ( Ernest Oggier had set up northern runway as a parking space for the Stemme. It takes “only” 400m parking space for 16 Stemme. The crew of the airport had marked the parking space for each Stemme and the lawn was mowed perfectly. Grenchen is a customs airport end therefore the direct journey from abroad was easy. The company Aerotec at the airport ( maintains almost the entire CH fleet of Stemme, represents Rotax and would provide also technical assistance. Fortunately, help was not necessary.

It is always fascinating to see how the controller of Skyguide ( active keep track of the most diverse types of aircraft with their varying flight characteristics and accompany them safely through the CTR. Thank you!

Grenchen is also suitable for a fly-in, because the airport hotel ( is just a few steps from the C-Office. Weather permitting, enjoy meals on the terrace and studied the incoming and outgoing planes. Due to the weather conditions on Whitesun, the hotelier, John Traub, had to juggle with the rooms and the kitchen had to adapt in the short term the number of meals.

We used the bad weather to share our experiences in the meeting room and to show each other new products. The pilots could report freely about the pros and cons.

If you needs to breathe oxygen through a tube in height and to ware glasses, it is normal that headphones often poorly sealed outside noise. With the active in-ear system from Phonak (FreeComm,, the quality of communication increases considerably. Robert Koch, organizer of the fly-in, count on them.

Michael Dörflein and Peter Maschkowitz of TOST ( presented on their Stemme new hydraulic brake cylinders, triple brake calipers, custom hose systems, and the lightweight wheels with disc brakes (weight saving up to 3 kg and a feast for the eyes).

As each glider pilot Stephen Parker fights for every cubic centimeter storage space for a gliding journey. He has replaced the pillow for the head - through a bag of similar size and with the same attachment, in which it now transports his jacket or a sweater.

Do you have to move a Stemme on the ground, a great spur wheel Dolly helps with an appropriate towing bar. The entire solution should be of minimal parts, easy and affordable.

Due to the uncertain weather, depending on the destination, it was wise for a timely departure, and so, the rows of parked Stemme became shorter.

One thing is certain, the member of SOG felt welcome at the airport Grenchen LSZG and were supported by competent and courteous from executives to employees.

Thank you very much for the good service. We like to come back.