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Fly-In 2013 - LSZG Grenchen

Argentina - Patagonische Wellen

Australia - Morning Glory Cloud

Australia - Morn. Glory 2011 - 17'000 km Gliding

Australia - Safari to Lake Eyre 3'200 km

Austria - A Very Fine Week Of Soaring 2008

Brazil - Expedition to the Northeastern

Brazil - Planadores nos ceus de LEM 2011

France - Mont Blanc 4810m / 15781ft

France - St. Girons to Zell am See

Germany - 1'000 km mit 750km Dreieck

Switzerland - Mt. Pilatus to Lake of Thun

Switzerland - LSZL Locarno - Goms

Switzerland - LSZL Locarno - Engadin

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A flight in aStemme S10, S10-V, S10-VT, S6 or S15 is a special nature experience.

Whether in gliding or with support of the engine each flight brings new experiences and findings.

No mountain is too high - Klaus Ohlmann gliding across the Himalayas.

Mouth of the River Elbe

Stemme flies from the North (Schweden) to the South (Southafrica) .......

Over the Forests of Sweden

...... or flies in the West (Brazil) and the East (Australia)

Over Brazil

Morning Glory in Australia

Some pilots use the Stemme for world record flights like Klaus Ohlmann for its flight over 2460 km in the Andes or over the Himalya.

In the Project Mountain Wave the Stemme S10-VT serves as research platform for the flights in the Andes and also in Tibet.

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