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Switzerland - Stemme Powergliders - P,I,C

Germany - naturAIRlebnis - P

France - Airmonie - P,I,C

France - Quo Vadis - P,I,C

USA - Sky King Soaring - P, I

USA - Sky Sailing California - P,I,C

USA - Stowe Soaring Vermont - P,I,C

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Experience the fascination of floating over the landscape and along the cliffs of the mountains. Enjoy the freedom flying like a bird.

In the engineless flight the pilots show their ability to glide in conformity with the forces of nature. Enjoy playing with the winds and clouds.

The pilots trust thereby on the aircraft Stemme. For the start or the overcoming of thermionics-weak areas the pilots use the engine of Rotax or Limbach.

Whether you wish a passenger flight (P), flight training (I), or a cross country soaring (C), please talk to the offerers.

Of course the offerers compile together and agree with you also completely individual flights or air passages.