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Flight Trainig

The Dream of Flying

Is flying an old childhood dream for you? We help you to achieve your aeronautical goals. To learn to fly is more simply than you probably think. Also the resulting costs are quite comparable with other leisure activities. GRIBAIR belongs to the most competent flight schools of Switzerland. Gladly we accompany and help you on the way to the private pilot.

Airport Grenchen LSZG

As a service operation Grenchen Airport is seen as a meeting point for aviation in Jura-Südfuss.

The extraordinary variety of the aviation activities is an essential part of Grenchen Airport.

The coexistence of the divisions administered today has proved its worth and is a trademark of our Airport.

Aerotec is a certified EASA-Part-145- and FOCA-V2Lub company and therefore authorized to perform maintenance and repairs on single- and twin-engined aircrafts up to 5700 kg (12580 lbs) MTOM. This includes works on piston engines of all current types including pressurized cabin and aircraft airframes. Power gliders and gliders are competently maintained and repaired by Aerotec as well.


STEMME UMS DUAL MODE utility aerial platforms for expanding airborne sensing. STEMME UMS has laid the foundations to become a leading European manufacturer of DUAL MODE unmanned and manned aerial platforms for widespread applications.

STEMME F&D (R&D) is the Research and Development Company of the STEMME-Group

LX 8000

Very fast coulor screen as well as most modern hardware. SD-Card Reader, USB.
Optional: System for two seater gliders (since 01/2009), FLARM integrated, acoustic output

See also the new products - it is worthwhile !

LXNAV d.o.o.
Kidricea ulica 24a
3000 Celie

T: +386 592 33 400
F: +386 599 33 522


Two-in-One: EDS O2D2 - Two Place Pulse Demand Oxygen System!
Mountain High’s newest breakthrough technology is the two-person EDS O2D2 Two Place Pulse Demand Oxygen System. The MH EDS O2D2 is the only portable, two-place, carry-on Pulse Demand oxygen system currently available for general aviation in a single unit.

SPOT. The world's first portable emergency assistance service that operates solely on satellite technology.

The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger provides a vital line of communication with friends and family when you want it, and emergency assistance when you need it. Using 100% satellite technology, SPOT works virtually anywhere in the world, even where cell phones don’t – all with the push of a button. SPOTS use the GPS satellite network to determine your coordinates and the location - with a link to Google Maps - and pre-programmed messages over a commercial satellite network.

ISS-PROTECT All-weather Covers

For optimal protection for all weather conditions.
100% Waterproof
High UV stability.